Monday, May 14, 2012

White Cop - One Sided 12"

"Shit, weird. In Brisbane, West End is a mecca of neo-hippies and dudes/dudettes with dreadlocks who enjoy Creed. We ended up at a party filled with these types trying to get on, after a Chris Isaack show. It ended up with us getting thrown out, the DJ/house owner trying to fight us and getting bottled in the face by our "manager" with a big thick bottle of wine. Turns out he ended up coming down off his trip in hospital and put out some vague death threats. The last thing I heard him scream was, "If any of you cunts come out to West End again, you're dead." Then we played a show down the street 2 weeks later and the punks hated us as much as the hippies.
Going through 6 or 7 bass players, the "Blood Shirt" incident, getting banned or fought off from every stage we played, inspiring a brother and sister to start a GG Allin inspired band where they piss on and fuck each other, fuck, this band was 6 months of this kind of stuff..."

White Cop were an Australian PUNK band with members of Kitchens Floor and the late Brendon Annesly of Negative Guest List fame. In 2010 they released a five song cassette. That cassette is now reissued as a one-sided 12" on Leather Bar Records. 250 copies with artwork by Brendon, 50 copies with artwork by Alex Ratcharge (Australia only).


  1. Armageddon Shop has copies right now, Goner Records will have copies in a couple days, pretty much all the other places listed under Where To Buy on the side of this page will have copies soon.

  2. Hi!
    Would like to buy some records wholesale from you, please write us.

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  3. [ I'm assuming that you've long sold out of this 12" here? ]... Is there anywhere else that you know of online that still have in stock/are selling any copies of the W.C re-issue on 12"??! or failing that, the original cassette version.. as i'd love to get my hands on one of them too......